Getting ahead of the curve - ESG & Risk Assessment

10am Wednesday, 16th February

This webinar has now passed

You can now watch the on-demand recording of this webinar.

This webinar focuses on uniquely bringing together the end-to-end financial planning journey for you and your client. Featuring sustainability investment specialists from Rathbones, you will learn how to steer the evolving regulatory landscape, accurately match client risk appetite alongside ESG preferences with the right risk-rated funds for growth and income.

Join Ashley Staples, Head of Channel at EV, Will McIntosh-Whyte, Fund Manager & Michael Cumberlidge, Business Development Specialist, and Rahab Paracha, Sustainable Multi-Asset Investment Specialist at Rathbones.

Learning objectives include:
  • Be able to appropriately assess client risk through psychometric risk profiling tools for income and growth objectives

  • Be able to assess the capacity for loss and attitudes to ESG

  • Understand how to construct efficient portfolios based on term and the impact of risk and return

  • Be able to explain how we calculate the volatility of a fund

  • Understand the value and longevity of investments under your advice

  • Know the ESG regulations - how to meet and surpass your client expectations before it becomes law

  • Understand the Rathbone Investment Management; investment process, sustainability criteria, fund characteristics

This video is free and CPD is available. The webinar lasts 45 mins with 15 mins for questions and discussion. Please submit the form at the end of the session to claim your CPD certificate.