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March 2023

Guest content from Invesco Asset Management, while Andrew Storey, Group Innovation, looks at how advisers can ensure they comply with the FCA Consumer Duty rules, and David McDonald, Business Development Manager at EV, highlights how empowering employees and scheme members with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their financial future can create a more financially secure workforce.


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February 2023 

Guest content from Invesco Asset Management, while Chet Velani, Managing Director at EV, discusses how embracing technology improves efficiencies, and future-proofs your business. Guest content from Invesco Asset Management


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January 2023 

Guest content from King & Shaxson, 2023 Q&A Outlooks from across the EV business channels, and an overview of our new EVPro Investment and Retirement Quick Tools.


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December 2022 

Guest content from IBOSS Asset Management, while Chet Velani gives his outlook for 2023, a viewpoint from David McDonald on how annuities will be a popular choice of the future and an overview of our new Income at Risk methodology.


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November 2022

Guest content from HSBC Asset Management, a viewpoint from Ashley Staples on how advisers can establish their clients' ESG preferences and our capital market assumptions for Q3 of 2022.



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October 2022

Guest content from Waverton, the evolution of EVPro, Andrew Storey's viewpoint on what is better, drawdown or annuity?




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